We are presently recruiting a Postdoctoral Fellow
  • in Multimodal Neuroimaging of Sleep and Cognition.
  • interested in clinical research on human sleep and insomnia.

Postdoctoral Fellow in Multimodal Neuroimaging of Sleep and Cognition
Since May 2018, at Concordia University’s PERFORM Centre

… The research themes that will be addressed by the Fellow will include: a) The neural mechanisms of sleep, sleep deprivation and sleep disorders (chronic insomnia, central disorders of hypersomnolence), and their relationship with cognition; b) Developing and evaluating methods dedicated to the analysis of multimodal neuroimaging data for sleep studies, including EEG-fMRI fusion…

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Insomnia Pathophysiology and Treatment
Since May 2018, in the Departments of Psychology and Exercise Science at Concordia University and at Condordia University’s PERFORM Center

… The fellow will be actively involved in this treatment study of patients with chronic insomnia. The fellow will have to opportunity to work on the analyses of EEG and ECG recordings during sleep, as well as anatomical and functional brain imaging (fMRI) of cognitive and emotion regulation tasks in this population…