Postdoctoral fellowship in multimodal neuroimaging of sleep disorders

The Sleep, Cognition and Neuroimaging Lab (SCNLab) is presently recruiting a Postdoctoral fellow interested in research on human sleep and sleep disturbances using multimodal neuroimaging (e.g., fMRI, EEG, diffusion tensor imaging, spectroscopy).

Senior Research Associate

The incumbent will hold a PhD and have at least 4 years of post-doctoral research experience, with proven expertise in neuropsychology, sleep, and electrophysiological (EEG) methods.

Research assistant/coordinator

The Research Assistant / Coordinator will be responsible to work closely with the study team members to ensure the successful recruitment, screening and scheduled studies. The Research Assistant’s principal role will be to work in general practices such as ethnic application, participant recruitment, and data collection.

Laboratory Coordinator

The Lab Coordinator will play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operations of the lab by coordinating various administrative tasks and managing essential equipment and involving in the research component. This individual will be responsible for facilitating lab meetings, handling employment contracts, financial documentation, and overseeing sleep tracking equipment.