Synchronized interactions between brain oscillations during sleep as a potential mechanism of “offline” memory consolidation

About The Study

This project includes two studies to examine cross-frequency coupling (CFC) in relation to cognition and memory across the adult lifespan: an overnight study and a daytime study. Initial eligibility for either study is determined after completing an in-person assessment of sleep and health, and self-report questionnaires about sleep, mood, and handedness (left vs. right). Older adults also complete brief neuropsychological screening assessments.

Participants in the overnight study are first scheduled for an overnight polysomnography (PSG) recording in our PERFORM Centre sleep lab. After this first recording, eligible participants are then scheduled for 2 additional overnight recordings, each separated by at least 7 days. On the 2nd and 3rd overnight visits, participants are connected to similar PSG equipment and complete brief cognitive/memory tasks on a computer before sleep and after waking up the next day. For completing all three recording visits, overnight study participants are compensated a total of  $150.

Participants in the daytime study are scheduled to arrive at the sleep lab for two visits in the same day, once in the morning and again in the evening. During the morning visit, participants complete a memory task on the computer while their brain activity is monitored. Participants are then disconnected from the recording equipment, discharged from the lab, and scheduled to return that same evening (approx. 8 hours later). During the evening visit, participants are reconnected to the PSG equipment before completing the remaining cognitive tasks. For completing both recording visits, daytime study participants are compensated a total of  $50.

Your Eligibility

  • Age

    You are between 18 and 30 or between 55 and 85.

  • Health

    You are healthy, free of chronic illnesses and certain medications (e.g., not using sleeping pills)

  • Sleep

    You are a good sleeper (i.e., regular sleep schedule, good-quality sleep, no sleep disorders such as insomnia).

  • Diet

    You do not regularly consume alcohol or recreational drugs.

  • Language

    You are fluent in English or French.

Participants recruited for the CFC project include healthy younger adults aged 18 to 30 and healthy older adults aged 55 to 85 years old. Prospective participants must identify as “good sleepers”, be free of chronic illnesses and certain medications (e.g., not using sleeping pills), and do not regularly consume alcohol or recreational drugs. Contact us by email if you have any questions about eligibility, or if you are interested in participating!


Send an email to (include in subject line “CFC project”) with any inquiries, or to inform us of your interest in scheduling a phone call to discuss the study and complete a brief eligibility telephone screening interview.